Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Summer landing on the Weekend

"When I looked out at the soggy remnants of yesterday's snowstorm. This first week of May is definitely looking like a "tired winter". No real commitment to snow and cold, temperatures holding in the thirties so wool still feels good against the skin."

This is something I wrote the first week of May and things didn't get any better. May is usually a bright month full of light, advancing greenery, and often sunny warm days, but not this year.  The green buds of the willows were hesitant to open and the snow berms seemed permanent as we tumbled into June still wearing wool sweaters warm pants, and boots.  Anyone with a weather app on their phone kept refreshing it thinking they were looking at last week's forecast. Cloudy with a chance of rain before noon then rain. . . It was like NOAA got one ten-day outlook and never looked up. But June is gone now. Passed into the history books probably with an asterisk for the number of cloudy, wet, windy days. 

First day of July: Sunshine and flat water as I paddle my canoe toward the four swans floating like luxury yachts on the stainless steel surface of Bear Lake.  Except for the swans, gulls, and leaping sockeyes I was alone on the still lake, but that won't last this Saturday before the Fourth, yes Fourth with a capital F. By noon the crowd will be here to play at the lake and give me and critters all the company we can stand because this year it looks like summer did fall on a weekend.  

Get out and enjoy it, whether that means doing work you love, or playing like a kid. Don't waste this summer it may only last until noon.  

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