Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Voting is So Political!

I voted yesterday, down at City Hall where early voting is taking place. I had to show my driver’s license and complete a form that asked for my name, address, and phone number, then I received a ballot and voted. I guess because 2020 is such a twisted, atypical year I paid more attention to the whole process that I usually do when I vote. 
Like everything this year, voting has suddenly become political. All this attention to the voting process can distract us from thinking about how we voted not HOW we voted. I thought I’d go political myself and tell you why I voted the way I did. 

I voted against the two Don’s for similar reasons, Don Young and Don Trump have both been in Washington too long —Don Young longer than I’ve been married. Seriously, We need a new representative and Alyse Galvin has my vote as a levelheaded, hardworking woman with good ideas. Thank you, Don, time to move on. 

Why did I vote for not-my-first-choice Biden? Because Don Trump has divided our country and never reached out to bring us together. He is a nasty, mercurial liar —a dangerous man. Joe Biden has a better chance of bringing us together. 

I’m voted for Al Gross because he has a commitment and knowledge to help fix the health care problem. This is the number one issue in America right now. How do we pay for and provide health care to all Americans? This is priority one and Gross has the best tools to do that. We need to fix the ACA and make sure health care is affordable and accessible to all.

On the Alaska stage!

Proposition One would change the oil tax structure: I don’t know the right answer to the oil tax problem, but if the oil companies are spending millions to stop Prop 1, it must be better for us than them. I voted yes. 

Proposition Two: Yes, we need to try open primaries and rank choice voting because 1) we are not a two-party state and 2) we often vote for the person, not the party. AND Yes, we need transparency in campaign financing. Besides, what’s the risk of trying something new? The biggest argument against this seems to be from the two political parties that most of us don’t belong to. 

Anyway That's where I stand, think before you vote, and maybe do some research on the issues and the candidates. Vote!
because only those who vote have the right to complain about their government.