Saturday, March 22, 2014

Happy Solstice

     I'm a day late hitting a solstice post but for most people that is no big deal.  The vernal equinox brings light to our lake in great wave of sunshine pouring over the fridge of spruces onto the great open setting of the lake.  Uncharacteristically, we were ice skating on March twenty the day of the vernal equinox when usually we the ice is buried under several feet of snow.  Not in 2014.  This year we are looking at ice dusted lightly with snow like powdered sugar on coffee cake.  Strange snowmobile trails are imbedded in the ice from the days when the layer of slush was a playground for kids on sno-gos.  Now those trails treacherous mounds of ice.  Skiers still find fridges of along the lake edge where snow is thick enough to make ski tracks but between those bits of snow the skier must scoot across ice for sometimes for several hundred yards.

The ice has changed the character of the lake.  Fewer people venture out since it's too rough for most skating and lacks snow for skiing.  Some people and critters enjoy the easy walking for the ice is rough and not too slick to walk on.  A moose crossed this morning and yesterday two coyotes.   Firewood gathers can work easily in the woods along the lake haul their loads easily along the thin snow on the lake shore.   But it is the sun that makes the difference, the glorious spring light that is warm and bright with a promise of green leaves and wildlife soon to come.  Happy Solstice.