Tuesday, April 25, 2023

And Ode to the Extratuf Gals


ALASKA gals wear their Extratufs 

like they just stepped off a herring seiner.

High-stylin' ladies acting like their feet don’t stink

Cause Their brown boots ain’t never seen dogshit or fish guts.

Rowdy gals sportin' their Extratufs 

out on the town

Dancing to the music with their tops 

rolled down 

Brown boot tops that is.

Giddy city girls on the beach 

saying their wedding vows 

Wearing Extratufs like they just went fishing and landed a big one.

Mountain women in Extratufs and yoga pants

Laborers in Extratufs and overalls

Teenage girls in Extratufs and shredded jeans

Food service workers in Extratufs and aprons

They're all being woodsy in their Brown rubber boots.

But them Extratufs,

They can’t take ‘em OFF

You know why

Cause they may be cute lookin' all Gucci.

but them sweaty stinky feet get me feeling all pukey.

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