Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 2 and here comes the rain - and a new visitor

Well it couldn't last forever - August 1 the curtain came down, the sky sputtered and our first real rain in 6 weeks followed.  Gotta love AUgust - its classic.  Overnight a few willows yellowed marking the summer slowdown. 
Ah, but the lake is warm and cloudy skies bring calm water and Nancy and I had a great row.  We could skull the lake at all angles for a change, not working against the south or north wind.  We spotted for bears but only saw a crazy lab in the bear zone, intent on chasing every boat that went by. thought at first it was a black bear but no blackie would survive the concentration of Brownies around here.\
And alas - Nancy spotted a pair of marbled murrelets - I see them every year, usually about this time, always out in the middle, always an unmistakable site - nothing else on the lake like them.  My theory is they nest nearby....maybe one day I'll be lucky and find a nest.

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