Friday, July 22, 2011

Yet more sunshine - and red necked grebes July 23, 2100 65 degrees light south wind

There has been a scant three rain events - I won't even call them rainy days since the first of July - in my thirty plus years here I cannot remember such a run.  I grow tired watering and can remember years I never touched a sprinkler - now I am out buying soaker hoses for God's sake.  the woods are dry - alder shoots pop out of the ground and the birth leaf roller blight has sickened trees, alders, and blueberries beyond recognition.  Throughout the month, we have set up a strong southerly flow - which always brings us stormy weather but this summer brings sun.  The past few weeks we have had scarcely a north wind - and consequently, no mid day "laydown" on the lake between the shift from north in the am to south in the pm.  It is a strange one - for the books.  We are in a word, exhausted.
We continue to watch the brown bears - yesterday was so hot midday I watched one charging into the salmon stream - up to his neck he went - never glancing a salmon - much more intent on the cool down.....spotted a pair of red necked grebes out front yesterday - this summers first sighting. The early  run of salmon is slowing, the lake is low.  Catch sight of a muskrat here and there. 
Had a most strating observation on a mallard hen, 8 ducklings, and eagle and two loons.  But right now, the water is laying down (8:30 pm) the sun is high and the water is calling me - I promise to illucidate in the next entry.  m

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