Sunday, July 10, 2011

SUnday, July 10, 2011

55 degrees, light south wind, high overcast.  No rain this week.
An early kayak turned up a surge of kingfishers, chattering mostly in the south cove - counted at least 4 at a time.  Hanging out on rooftops, power lines and spindly alders.  The activity has really picked up in the last week.  Just before heading out, potted a brown bear at the creek - watched as he plunged out in the stream outlet in the lake and stood up to his neck feeding on salmon.  Hard to tell how large/which one he was. 
Our early morning kayak was on flat, dark water that created mirages all around and made gulls look like sailboats from a distance.  Then, like clockwork, the south wind commenced - we have had a prevailing south wind coming up every morning that blows til late at night - sometimes not going down til 11 pm.  There have been no north winds to speak of and the north porch has become an odds on favorite for hanging out.
SUmmer's clock is ticking, Dan picked up 7 silvers and a little king yesterday on the Bay, the smoker is full and clam tides start Thursday of this week.  Need to water the gardens as these grey skies produce no rain - funny, they give you the sense things are wet.........

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