Thursday, July 7, 2011

Settling in after 4 days of sunshine

Madelyn's turn.  Days of sun left no time (energy?) for writing.  The sun's nudge was seen in garden, woodlot and lake as flowers bloomed, alder canopies thickened and ferns sprang to five foot and sedges cost us another few feet of shoreline.  The lake is low and the usual kayak launch spot is now mud pudding.  Lillies are up in the lake but no blooms yet. 
Still seeing our loon pair but now I am sure there was no nesting success.  I saw the loons pretty consistently throughout June which means the nest was probably abandoned early.  Watched an immature bald eagle this am flying useless sorties on a loon just off the dock.  He made five vain attempt and doubt he had any idea what he was in for if he connected.  Loon's response was a simple duck and dive, and no calls.  Its been a much quieter summer for the loons since they aren't raising any young - something I dearly miss.
Salmon are producing a river of red at the creek just east of us, and eagles and brown bears are gathering.  Spotting at least three different brownies, one sow with last years cub. 

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