Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rare Hot days

July 16: 62 degrees winds at 10 from the south.
Yesterday was a rare hot day at Bear Lake.  We hit 75 degrees and on a perfect day since we were hosting a dinner party on our porch for an old friend and some new ones.  Since we had been clam digging at Ninilchik on Thursday, we started the dinner with clam fritters while silver salmon and king salmon were cooking on the grill.  We also served baked halibut with a mayo, sour cream and parmesan topping.  Our neighbors brought the side dishes: fresh local salad, pasta salad, crudites and wild berry cobbler.    The eagles and bears showed up as well.  Mid-afternoon we watched a big brown bear standing neck deep in the lake.  Later, in the quiet of the evening, our guest watched another bear doing the same thing.  One of our guest was walking over to the party when she encountered a bear and had to go back home and drive over.   The time of year, the bears are on the move and may be seen anywhere around the lake any time of day.

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