Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011 52 degrees high clouds, light south wind

I am officially dubbing this "The SUmmer of the North Porch".  Our lake view - and half our covered porch face north - a dubious honor in Alaska.  I keep a trunk of wool blankets for those who like to hang there - usually just Dan and myself.  But this summer is different - with the prevailing south wind that has set up this summer and blown continuously for almost a month, i find myself migrating to the calm and stillness of the north porch - whateverever the temperature - its always warmer out of the wind.
Low hanging filtered clouds accompany the south flow - they drape a chiffon shawl over the shoulders of Mt Ava as they tumble northward.  Blue sky is overrated but I may say that for only a few days more.
Picked first salad greens yesterday and enjoying a great harvest of herbs - oregano, cilantro, lemon balm which is now steeping in cold water for a refreshing drink when it hits 60 degrees, tee hee.  We are in gathering/puttin' up time now so I cleaned berries out the freezer, added fresh rhubarb to make jam.  Blue - rhu - blueberry rhubarb jam - its always a hit.  Also started some blueberry syrup - it will "steep" the next six days before I can it.

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