Monday, June 8, 2015

The Lake of Reflection

After a long trip to Colorado and then to Soldotna and Ninilchik, I was relieved to be home on my lake.  In the evening, we watched a pair of new moose calves and their shiny carmel coats.  Their mother was a shaggy contrast with the last of her winter wrap hanging in shreds off her back and withers.   Later I paddled out on the placid water after the evening winds had died.  I was able to find and observe a loon nest with the mother loon lying low and well camouflaged on her nest.  The male escorted me closely as I approaching, shadowing me moved with in ten feet of my boat.
Again I saw the moose family feeding along the shore in my neighbors yards.  Such times as this on the water or in the woods are healing resting events for the soul, an outward looking meditation that calms the mind by reaching into the surroundings instead of into the inner space of a tired mind.

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