Friday, April 10, 2015

Drying out on the Green RIver

Madelyn and I are visiting Western Colorado and Southern Utah.  Tomorrow we start off on a trip down the Green River, a chance to get into some near wilderness.   People think Alaska  has a corner on remote adventure but there are lots of places Outside where one can still leave the road and cellphone service behind and spent sometime relying on self and companions.   We are canoeing a flat water section of the Green through Labyrinth Canyon.  We will be remote and out of touch for for five days but it's hard to call it wilderness when daily I will see evidence of human occupation for hundreds of years.  This is a jagged, unfriendly land, dry, and coarse as a brick oven.  
For a man raised in southern Alaska where water is nearly always in surplus, the Four Corners is an adventure in the opposites for here water is more precious than gold and fickle as a magpie.   Driving around today we saw a sign in Grand Junctions "WATER in THE DITCH"  not something you'd see in Alaska.  We've always got water in the ditch.  I remember a gal came to our B&B once from New Mexico, and one of the first things she said was, "We were driving down the highway and there water running off the mountain right into the ocean and nobody was doing anything about it!"  Imagine that kind of connection with water.  
On this canoe trip down the green we are taking a gallon of water per day per person.  I never carried that much water before.  Even before loading the canoe with that eighty pounds of water, it occurs to me that we traveling on water, fresh water.  Ain't life strange -- I immediately quit worrying about having enough water.  I may get sunburned, snake-bite or drowned, but I don't think I'll die of thirst. 

 MORE LATER, with photos.

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